Linux Kernel 4.20 Official Release

29 Dec 2018 07:58 37
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Just before Christmas Linux Kernel 4.20 did it's Official Release. This release added functionality for upcoming hardware and existing.



DRM / Graphics Drivers
-AMD Vega 20 Support for APU and GPUs releasing in 2019
-GPUvm AMDGPU improvements
-Intel DRM improvements on Haswell/Ivy/Valley View chipsets

-AMD/Intel x86 CPUs have nested virtualization enabled by default
-Better support for Intel IOMMU
-Linux x86_64 optimizations

File Systems /Storage
-RAID 10 improvments Linux software RAID
-More btrfs improvements

Misc Hardware
-2.5 GB ethernet support
-New Sound card support added
-Xbox One controller rumble support
-USB driver updates

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