【UTAU-PV】Don't Look at Me in That Way【Pumpking】[僕をそんな目で見ないで] (+.UST DL)

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EDIT; finally put up download link, sorry for the wait!

Yeah! Finally, I finished this UST (it didnt take me -that- long since the time I posted my first WIP, i just had to actually pick up the project, buckle down, focus, and... finish). After doing this, I can easily see why this UST would be discouraging to tackle and easy to lose interest in. This song is not only long and winding, but littered with complexities. Thank you Chase for being my go-to guy for consulting! (and general encourager for finishing this project finally)

I used Pumpking the Testloid, not only because the UTAU/character/voice fits the song so well, but also because Yuki has inspired me a lot in many different ways, from comics to art to animation, for a long time. Her work always makes me want to improve a lot on my own projects or drives me to want to make something cool. Plus, if it wasn't for her encouraging (threatening) me to record a voicebank for Denki/Galvan, I wouldn't even be doing UTAU at all. She has a variety of great work that everyone should check out, so, please take a look!


Tokio Funk's video, and Electrolysis's official release -should- be next in line for real. It might take a bit longer since I'm drowning in schoolwork at the moment and have 10000quadrillion things to draw for anything, at any given moment, but I'll work on it when i get the chance. Thanks for listening!

[Song Info]
"Don't Look at Me in That Way" by Kikuo, Originally sung by Hatsune Miku
[Cover] Pumpking the Testloid [UTAU] {VCV 1.0}

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