Switching to Linux | Part 10 - Final Day | 30 day challenge

13 Dec 2018 21:20 178
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The end has come... The Final Day of the 30 Day challenge in Switching to Linux. In this video, I go over some of the obstacles I had to overcome and some I didn't. Finally, the everlasting question will be answered, Will I continue using Linux or revert back to Windows?

0:46 The Issues
5:12 The Positives
10:23 Annoyances
16:00 Conclusion

The Issues:
-Graphics Drivers are still a bit hit and miss for AMD Vega Cards
-Missing Adobe Products (Photoshop / After Effects for advanced projects)
-Still need windows for my Oculus VR
-Fragmentation in the Desktop space

The Positives:
-SSH / SCP is native in terminal. I use these daily and so much better than having to launch PuTTy or WinSCP.
-Overall less stuff, Linux just runs far cleaner without all the added bloat
-Free Software - So much to choose from that I have just started scratching the surface
-Video Editing is faster than Windows in my experience with Kdenlive

The Annoying:
-Webcam required considerable amount of tinker and extra programs
-Wine is horrible
-Some driver issues with obscure hardware

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